Donald Trump gives golf trophy to hurricane sufferers

Donald Trump gives golf trophy to hurricane sufferers

President Donald Trump on Sunday committed a golf trophy to the sufferers of current strong storms that tore over Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, all the while maintaining the government’s reply to the disasters.

“On account of all of the personages of Texas, and all of the people — if you see today and understand what is occurring, how terrible it is but we have it supporting really great command — Puerto Rico and the people of Florida who have actually experienced over this last short span of time with the hurricanes, I need to just recognize them,” the President Donald Trump stated.

“And we’re continuing to give this trophy to all of those people that worked through so enough that we prize — a member of our great state, actually part of our great country,” he maintained.

President Donald Trump’s comments were made as he bestowed the trophy to U.S. captain Steve Strickler after the Presidents Cup golf tournament in New Jersey.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a video of him granting the trophy following Sunday.

President Donald Trump’s government has been under fire for supposedly failing to do sufficient to support Puerto Rico as a bulk of its 3.4 million residents fight with widespread potential outages, failed foundation and continuing shortages of water and accumulations in Hurricane Maria’s wake.

The White House has retained its answer to the crisis, while some leaders in Puerto Rico state the condition is changing into a humanitarian disaster.

President Donald Trump is registered to visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

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