Andrew House: Leaving Sony after being Playstation chief following 27 years

Andrew House: Leaving Sony after being Playstation chief

Sony Interactive Entertainment has declared president and CEO Andrew House will be moving down after helming the member since 2011, with assistant president John Kodera getting his position. House, who is 52, will continue as chairman till the end of the year. Sony’s PlayStation arm increased following House, which saw the business come following on top in the gaming business. House pushed the strategy and release of the PS4, which is produced to reach cumulative purchases of 78 million pieces this fiscal year. Under his tenure, the PS4 surpassed Microsoft’s Xbox One by more than three to one.

House has stayed with Sony for 27 years, first working in corporate connections before serving to begin the first PlayStation console. Most newly, he served on the surprisingly happy PlayStation VR headset which was launched throughout a year ago and has sold more than one million pieces. “PlayStation has been a large portion of my life for more than 20 years but with the industry having completed the record-breaking victory, now appeared to be the right moment for me to attempt new difficulties,” House responded in a statement.

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