Narendra Modi Begins Himachal Bid: Congress Leadership ‘Out On Collateral’

The complete leadership of the Congress body is “out on bond,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated today, engaging Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her boy Rahul Gandhi and also holding Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s administration in Himachal Pradesh as a “state on bail.” PM Modi, who introduced performance today on a set of projects in the hill land, appeared to signal the start of the BJP’s campaign for assembly elections due following this year.

“Everything here is on collateral. The body (Congress) is on collateral, the administration is on collateral,” the Prime Minister stated at the public gathering, cutting into the state’s chief minister, a veteran Congressman who stands prices of crime and is out on bail.

The Prime Minister stated the Congress’ highest leaders oppose crime charges too, saying, “Sonia Gandhi is out on collateral in the National Herald case. Likewise, the ‘Yuvraj’ (prince) is out on collateral in the National Herald problem. Everything is on collateral — the body, its leaders, and its administration are out on collateral.”

His public cheered with proverbs of “Jai Shri Ram” as the Prime Minister also stated, “Now describe me, don’t we want to oust this administration which is out on collateral?”

The BJP, the Prime Minister, stated, would “achieve the goals of Himachalis” if restored to control in the state. He highlighted his government’s accomplishments in the last three years and linking it to the former Congress-led UPA administration, which he stated had made heads mainly on record of scams. “Before 2014 everyday journals were filled with accounts of the crime. But in the last three years there is no brand of crime on our management,” PM Modi said.

The Congress at the Centre had limited schemes in Himachal Pradesh, he responded, affirming that a Rs. 70 crore steel plant scheme that he introduced today was postponed for over seven years. PM Modi now also laid the groundwork for a Rs. 1,350 crore 750-bed AIIMS dispensary in Bilaspur and declared his administration had authorized work on 13 schemes worth Rs. 15,000 crore in the state which will not only begin profession but also promote tourism.

Following 1990, the Congress and the BP have alternately prevailed assembly polls in Himachal Pradesh. This year, the Congress is on the backfoot again the crime charges that its 83-year-old chief minister features and are supposed to be thinking not returning him. But Virbhadra Singh has ordered up a powerful team of loyalists, who have warned that they will not fight elections without Mr. Singh being identified after Chief Minister repeatedly.

Adarsh Sahni


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