Jhene Aiko approves that her relationship with Big Sean is all right

Jhene Aiko approves that her relationship with Big Sean is all right.
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On Monday midnight, fake reports released on the internet that Big Sean & Jhene’s bond was in danger following Big Sean was found flirting with Nicole Scherzinger at an Oscars. “They appeared similar as they were a duo,” our reference told. Jhene Aiko reportedly reached the flow of this story and was angry. “She was pissed, she faced him regarding it and he didn’t actually refuse it,” the reference then continued.

Further, Jhene Aiko was caught unfollowing Big Sean on Instagram, but she followed him again. At that moment, there were a whole lot of rumours regarding the breakup of Sean and Jhene, but putting a break on the rumours Jhene broke her silence. Early Tuesday morning, Jhene tweeted on Twitter “Sorry, but blank about you guy’s fan fiction rumours are true… I yet love you tho ????.” The internet was finally aware of the truth when Sean retweeted Jhene’s tweet.

Jhene Aiko further added, “The web is a wild place ???? it’s a whole other world. Bless the web. amen.”

After this mess, it seems that the breakup rumour was actually a rumour and nothing else and hopefully nice with the star duo.

Check out the tweets of Jhene Aiko and Big Sean down below:


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