Snapchat loses $800 million after Rihanna slams offensive advertisement

Snapchat valued $800 million after Rihanna slams offensive advertisement
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Don’t get involved with Rihanna, anytime. After Snapchat published a tone-deaf advertisement referencing Chris Brown’s sentence for striking Rihanna, the musician and glamour queen slammed the app. As a consequence of its extreme blunder, Snapchat’s business worth has fallen a tad bit, by $800 million, to be specific.

Snapchat stated the advertisement was never intended to be posted, many customers noticed it before it was brought down last Monday. Expected to promote a game described, “Would You Rather?”, the advertisement asked customers, “Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?”

After the advertisement was removed from the Snapchat on Monday, Snapchat regretted in a declaration that expressed, “The ad was examined and confirmed in error, as it breaks our ads guideline rules.” But that wasn’t sufficient.

Musician Rihanna charged an ad that appeared on Snapchat getting a game of domestic disturbance that highlighted photos of her and Chris Brown. And the Snapchat’s business price went dropping.

“Now SNAPCHAT I understand you previously know you ain’t my favourite app out beyond,” Rihanna stated in a report published Thursday on Instagram, where she has 61 million supporters. “I’d prefer to describe it ignorance, but I grasp you ain’t that stupid! You paid cash to animate something that would purposely bring disgrace to DV victims and executed a joke about it!!!”

Snapchat had previously pulled the advertisement on Monday and declared an apology. But the advertisement repeated on social media as customers distributed it and asked its content.

Just a day after Rihanna described out the advertisement, Snapchat stocks descended 4 percent, requiring the app those hundreds of millions of dollars.


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