Marvel’s “Black Panther” keeps breaking records at the Box Office five weeks after release

The Marvel Studios’ feature film manages to keep the first place at the Box Office for the fifth consecutive week and also becomes one the highest-grossing movies of all times.

Even after more than a month since the initial date of release, Black Panther’s success knows no decline.

According to MashableUK, it has earned domestically $27 million during the last two days, making it the most seen movie of the weekend for the fifth time in a row. Such a record was previously detained by James Cameron’s Avatar.

It has also officially become the 7th movie to ever cross the $600 million mark. The worldwide earnings have reached the astonishing amount of $1.1 billion.

These numbers mean Black Panther has beat the video game-based action film Tomb Raider, which, as reported by Forbes, has earned “only” $23.5 million in its opening weekend and whose sequel is not yet confirmed.

Marvel is also already preparing its fans to welcome the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War, by publishing the official trailer last week.
AIW is, as of now, considered to be one of the most anticipated movies of the season.

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