Acer’s first Chrome OS tablet: Chromebook Tab 10

Acer’s first Chrome OS tablet : Chromebook Tab 10
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Many of you have run Chrome OS on your laptops, desktops, etc. but always thought when it will run on the tablet. The wait is over! Acer launched its first Chrome OS tablet i.e. Chromebook Tab 10 just before the launch of Apple’s low-cost iPad.
There is no coincidence in the tablet being announced today as Acer and Google are trying to acquire Apple with a tablet of their own to strengthen the Chrome OS in the market. Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10 is especially intended to equal the iPad.
The first Chrome OS, Chromebook Tab 10 has a display of 9.7 inches with the resolution of 2048 x 1536. It has front and rear-facing cameras and the battery life is estimated to be of 9 hours. It is built with the OP1 processor. It gives you 32GB of storage with 4GB of RAM and has a USB-C port. It supports external microSD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The market price of Tab 10 is set at $329 which is same as the Apple’s current iPad. Though Apple’s new iPad that is to be launched tomorrow is set at $259 if you require a stylus, it must be bought separately for $99. The Tab 10 will have some advantages over Apples new iPad. Though it seems to be more expensive than iPad, it comes with an integrated non-powered stylus which offers more options than an iPad without it. The Tab 10 also supports Android apps.
The first Chrome OS, Tab 10 is mainly focusing on the education market. But many schools are already using Chrome OS, as Google’s operating system is dominating in the classroom desktops sale because of its low cost and maintenance. The Chromebook Tab 10 at $329 is quite expensive as compared to other Chromebooks that start below $300. But if the schools are looking for something like iPad, Acer’s new Tab 10 is the perfect replacement.
The tablet will be available in North America in the very next month and then it will be available all over the world in May.


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