Official trailer out of “The Predator”

20th Century Fox has launched the latest The Predator red-band official trailer. Directed by the director of “The Nice Guys” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Shane Black (An American filmmaker and actor) and written by Fred Dekker ( An American screenwriter and film director) and Shane Black.

Shane Black’s film bestows us the extraterrestrial predator in all his bleeding, click-noise-making glory.

The movie stars Jacob Tremblay as a boy who unexpectedly gets the Predators creeping back to Earth when he finds a bit of their tech — and normally, the intergalactic mercenaries draw a whole lot of powerful chaos with them that befalls in the lap of Boyd Holbrook‘s assassin.

The one-sheet tweeted on Twitter, highlights a prominent alien carrying the severed head of a predator, whose eyes are still burning red. You can see the predator’s spike with green blood dripping down. The post’s caption states:

“The hunt has evolved. Watch the new trailer for #ThePredator, in theatres September 14.”

With the significant caveat that we’re figuring 20th Century Fox didn’t consume much more than 40 Million US dollars on this. There is the issue arising of how many common moviegoers will desire to watch the latest Predator film that seems basically like a mix-and-match of earlier Predator sequels. It has multiplier predators, similar to the 2010 sequel Predators. It holds a place in the suburbs, like Alien v Predator: Requiem, and regards a group of soldier-type macho warriors concluding fight with the title creature leading in the jungle (Predator) and then in a spaceship (Predator 2).

The Predator arrives in theatres on September 13 in Australia, and September 14 in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


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