Fortnite “ROCKET LAUNCH” caused an uproar in players

Fortnite "ROCKET LAUNCH" caused an uproar in players one-time experience
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.Fortnite rocket launch extremely predicted rocket launch passed down Saturday afternoon. The one-time experience was pretty astounding. It willed players with a lot of topics regarding the game’s future.

A number of Fortnite players collected near the rocket to recognize what was about to fall. It was an amazing uproar from the ground. So no one was fighting with each other. Also, a few players built benches to give other people a better look at the event and there was lots of dance.

The famous Fortnite player Ninja uploaded a gameplay of his own encounter of the first half of the action before the sickly green object…teleports?…into the field.


This kind of one-time experience seems exceptional because it provides people with a different incident. It enables them to notice a new huge development for the game’s fiction. But, mentioned that Fortnite is also a battle royale game and not everyone was worth to take part in the epic event.

People are also finding some kind of mysterious, wavy power in the game’s map. Reddit user aaron4013 uploaded this screenshot in favour of the fortnite rocket launch and of something mysterious at the game’s Lonely Lodge area.

something weird in fortnite
Reddit @aaron4013

Also, a mass of players sounded their disappointments and frustration on Twitter after they were killed. Responses ranged from excitement to sadness to wanting mild pain or a bad night’s sleep on their enemies:

We have some opinion regarding what to await next from skins. Those were data drilled from existing Fortnite files in the game.


With Fortnite Season 5 officially declared for July 12, we’re assuming that whatever falls this week will end with huge map developments, and point to the theme for the upcoming season. While finishing season turned Dusty Depot into a crater. People assume that a secret bunker that appeared in Wailing Woods beginning into the season points to that region as the following to see a major facelift. We suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

Lots of mysterious things can fall in that time.


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