Netflix criticized for using actual images of a real-life rail disaster in Bird-Box


Netflix has been criticised for using stock footage of a real-life rail accident in its hit movie Bird Box by the Mayor of the Canadian town where the accident took place back in 2013.

Almost 50 people died in the tragic event in which a train transporting crude oil derailed in Lac Mégantic, Quebec. It is considered to be the worst rail disaster in the entire history of the country.

According to the BBC, Netflix confirmed using the footage in the movie but has no intention of removing it, even after Julie Morin, the Mayor of Lac Mégantic, explicitly requested to replace the scenes to show respect to the victims and their families.

This is not the first time the streaming giant used pictures and footage of the tragedy in his products, as they were also found in an episode of Travelers. In that occasion, the executive producer of the show apologised and said they received the footage from an agency called Pond 5.

It has not been a positive period for Netflix, as the company and Bird Box have been at the centre of a controversy for having inspired the so-called “Bird Bod Challenge”, in which people, especially youngsters, walk around blindfolded, potentially putting themselves in danger.


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