Netflix confirm controversial footage won’t be removed from Bird Box

Netflix To Not Remove Footage From BirdBox

The footage concerning the derailment of a train carrying crude oil resulting in the death of 47 Canadian people will not be removed from hit movie Bird Box, as confirmed by Netflix.

As previously reported in this article, the tragic event took place in Lac Mégantic, Quebec, and it is considered to be the worst rail disaster in the entire history of the country. The Mayor of the Canadian town, Julie Morin, immediately expressed her disapproval of video material from the accident being used for entertainment purposes.

Netflix To Not Remove Footage From BirdBox
This frame shows a group of firefighters as they put out the fire caused by the derailment of the freight train loaded with oil in Lac-Mégantic in Canada’s Quebec province on July 5 2013. The flames engulfed about 30 buildings. FRANCOIS LAPLANTE-DELAGRAVE/AFP/Getty Images

While Pond 5, the agency from which the footage was acquired, deeply apologized, a Netflix spokesperson said that the images from the accident used in a newscast scene at the beginning of the movie, will not be removed.

Netflix To Not Remove Footage From BirdBox
Smoke rises from the carriages of the derailed train in downtown Lac Mégantic, Canada. PAUL CHIASSON/THE CANADIAN PRESS
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