Netflix Plans A “Resident Evil” TV Series

Netflix Plans A “Resident Evil” TV Series
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Action movie lover must have heard of Resident Evil. This movie has done a great job at Box Office. The first movie of this series was screened in 2002 and the last one was released in 2016. Now they are willing to make a comeback and to rule the hearts of their fans once again. This time they are going to do it with the help and support of Netflix. Yes, you read it right Netflix is planning to make a Netflix original series based on this story. Its a great news for the fans of this movie and game that Resident Evil will be back and this time it’s going to be great fun and entertainment. Sources are saying that work has already been started on this and things will be finalized soon. It has been seen that Netflix is doing great to provide quality and good content to their audience. They are working really hard to keep their audience with them and keep them entertained. Now it seems that Resident Evil series is going to help Netflix in this with its great approach and reach in the public.

The game of Resident Evil was super hit and was very popular among the youngsters. This game was considered as one of the best action game of the time. It is also said that people were very excited and had great enthusiasm for this game. Now people will be filled with the same enthusiasm soon with the release of this series. It’s expected that this series will do good among the public as the movie was a great hit and had a great fan following among all over the world. Although shooting has not started yet then also it’s able to create a good hype among the fans. Netflix has its customer all over the world and Netflix has great reach among the person all around the world. The franchise of this movie has done a great business around the world. It has collected a whopping amount of $1.2 billion all around the world, now the same is expected with the Netflix adaptation too.
It will be nice to watch how they are going to make the story and how they are going to represent in front of the audience. There must be pressure on Netflix as they have to carry the legacy of Resident Evil. It has been seen much time that adapted version of any movie doesn’t perform well as it is not able to fulfill the requirements and demands of the audience. Netflix must have thought of this point and they must have given their concern on this.

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