‘Baby Shark’ Series Reportedly Heading To Netflix

'Baby Shark' Series Reportedly Heading To Netflix

The Baby Shark song that made us all go doo doo doo is now being turned into a Netflix series. According to Bloomberg, the South Korean company, Pink Fong, announced that it would be launching a short video series on Netflix sometime this year.

The company apparently made this decision after the “Baby Shark” song entered the Billboard Hot 100 list in which it crossed Ellie Goulding and Lili Wayne earlier this month. The song also has around two billion hits on Youtube and has become one of the video site’s top 100 videos of all time.

The song which first came out in 2015 has gained a lot of popularity amongst adults and kids alike. It features a family of sharks, each showing a different hand motion. The song which was originally a campfire song has now also entered the “meme space” on the internet.

The “Baby Shark” song has faced its share of controversies. While the English version of the song only lists the names of the members of the family, the Korean version went on to add adjectives to describe each member. It called the mom shark “pretty”, the dad shark “strong”, the grandmother shark “kind” and the Grandfather shark “cool”. These descriptive adjectives came forward as sexist to many listeners of the song. This also caused the song to be in the news. The South Korean newspaper, ‘Kyunghyan Shinmun’ published a front-page editorial regarding this issue that the song apparently created.

The song has been viewed several times in all parts of the worlds but more so in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. In 2017, a mobile app was created on the basis of the song. The app also gained popularity and was in the top ten downloaded apps in South Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore in the same year as its release.

The “Baby Shark” song was not only loved by normal adults but it was also loved by celebrities who went on to make their own versions. Ellen DeGeneres performed her version of the song on her show. James Corden followed lead when he performed a version of the song on his show “The Late Late Show With James Corden”. To add to this, the song was also performed on all the popular music show “The X-factor” in 2018.

PinkFong which has also signed several merchandising deals along with the show says that it is looking forward to developing games that work with Amazon.com Inc.’s Alexa and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home voice assistants.

Here is the video of the song.

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