“Baby Shark” Song Falls In Copyright Battle

“Baby Shark” song falls in copyright battle
baby shark

Popular children’s song named ‘baby shark’ is facing trouble these days. This was officially released by Korean children’s entertainment brand named as Pinkfong. Now a new artist has come into the act and he is claiming that this song is his and is originally created by them. Name of the artist is Jonathan Wright. He says “This version does seem strikingly similar to mine. Same key, same tempo change, same melody, rhythm.” he further said, “Now we are simply asking the Korean courts to give us a ruling on what they think regarding the issue between Pinkfong and my version.”

It has been seen that Jonathan is not willing to make any statements regarding this case as right now he is in the middle of legal activities. The baby shark song is much popular among the children and it has gained much name since the year of its release. The major hit was the one which was released in 2016 by Korean children’s entertainment brand. Jonathan Wright is saying that he had made a video of this song in 2011.

If we see both songs, both are quite similar and have too many things in common. According to Endwell’s artist they don’t want to create any trouble for anyone and they don’t want it to be a great issue all they want is a good judgement from Korean court.

There is another point that why Jonathan Wright is claiming this song to be his after the 2-year release date of the song, why he did not claim it in 2016 and why now. There are several questions which are yet to be answered. Right now the case has been filed for gaining copyright.

Now it will be great to see that who is going to hold the copyright of this epic and famous song.

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