Vanessa Hudgens Sings Rent: Live’s ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ with Kiersey Clemons

Vanessa Hudgens Sings Rent: Live's 'Take Me or Leave Me' with Kiersey Clemons
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Vanessa Hudgens an American actress and singer who performed at Rent live clearly steaks the show. She along with Kiersey Clemons sings the song take me or leave me. she did a solo and then she came back with Kiersey to sing this beautiful song. She was in full mood to cheer and she was slaying the show with her voice and looks.

People loved her performance a lot. And now she is being praised for her performance all across the social media. Everyone loved this duo and their performance. A fan tweeted that they both Kiersey and Hudgens are the best of the production Rent: Live.

She said “It home. I grew up doing musicals and that’s what feels the best. I think that it’s so exciting to be able to bring the show to an audience that hasn’t seen it before.” Vanessa Hudgens says that she has a strong connection to the production team and she really wants to perform with them.

She got great support from Kiersey and they both rocked at the stage. Everyone fell in love with their performance. Vanessa Hudgens says that she always tries to do something different and special for their audience and this performance was different from others as it is close to her heart too.

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