Bo Peep Returning To Toy Story 4 After 20 Years

Bo Peep Returning To Toy Story 4 After 20 Years
Disney Pixar

The comeback of the ‘not so ordinary’ porcelain doll.

As we all wait for Disney. Pixar’s most awaited animated “Tetralogy” TOY STORY 4. There was little more than just an ordinary comeback. Bo Peep, Woody’s long lost girlfriend who appeared in Toy Story 1 & 2 has returned for the movie’s fourth part. And boy, she has changed A LOT.

Originally seen wearing a pink puffy dress has now been replaced with a light blue jumpsuit and purple cape. However, it’s not just the appearance that got a makeover. Bo’s character has ditched the old, shy shepherdess that she was and has now turned into an athletic and adventurous woman.

As per Disney, the reunion occurs in an interesting manner when Bonnie takes the whole gang on her family’s road trip excursion, Woody ends up on an unexpected roundabout where he finds his long-lost friend Bo Peep.

Bo Peep is now completely confident, modern and independent, unlike the shy porcelain doll, he once knew. This contrast of the two being so different as a toy would be an interesting perspective for the audience to absorb.

“Bo’s taken control of her own destiny,” said Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley in a press release. “While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can’t believe that they’ve found each other again.”

The return of Bo, also raises many questions as to where she was all this while? How she tackled her ups and downs with grace? Will she and Woody finally reunite?

Annie Potts who is a notable face of Young Sheldon once again returns to voice Bo Peep. Annie herself has said ‘Bo is written and conceived to be inspiring as she has weathered life’s ups and downs with grace. I aspire to that.’

Toy Story 4 hits the theatre on 21st June 2019, and this time we have all the more reason to go watch it uncover the story of the lost and found members.

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