Dakota Johnson, Jason Segel, Casey Affleck to Star in ‘The Friend’

Dakota Johnson, Jason Segel, Casey Affleck to Star in ‘The Friend’
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Jason Segel, who is an American actor, producer, screenwriter as well as comedian too has been called by Scott Free and Black Bear to star in a fact based drama named The Friend. This drama will be launched by STX International at the European film market. Jason Segal is not alone cast by them, he along with Dakota Johnson and Oscar winner actor Casey Affleck have been approached for the movie.

The story of this movie deals with the true story of Nicole and Mathew Teague the story is based on true events of them, when Nicole came to know that Mathew has only 6 months to live Nicole and Mathew’s best friend did a lot for them. This movie is going to show that story to us with the help of these lovely and extremely talented actors. This is going to be very interesting to watch these kinds of true story to see on screen.

Mathew Teague seems super excited for the movie and said that “thrilled and honored to see the story come to life this way, thanks to the filmmaking vision of Gabriela Cowperthwaite and a script that Brad Ingelsby and I worked on closely together. It captures what’s at the heart of the story: deep love and loss, and the saving grace of friendship. To have the talents of Dakota Johnson, Jason Segel and Casey Affleck help the story live on is remarkable. And I’m grateful to Scott Free and Black Bear, who have been both passionate and sensitive from day one. I hope the story gives people an honest glimpse of what it means to face mortality, and the value of having a true friend at your side, when that moment comes

Producer of the movie is Scott Free’s Kevin Walsh, Michael Pruss & Ryan Stowell. They have decided to shoot the movie in Fairhope. This movie is going to show the real meaning of love, care and support to the others and it will make us realize about true and bold lover which don’t expect anything in return.


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