Taylor Swift & James Corden Might Be Doing a Carpool Karaoke Episode!

Taylor Swift & James Corden Might Be Doing a Carpool Karaoke Episode!

All of us have watched our favorite celebrities and bands jam it out to their favorite artist’s songs when they decided to do the famous carpool Karaoke with James Corden. The Late Late Night show host started the segment in 2011 when he and George Micheal sang together in a car. James Corden even went to say that he has “loved George Michael for as long as I can remember. I’ve loved George Michael for as long as I can remember.” via a tweet. Although James Corden may have jammed to too many of Taylor Swift’s songs with other celebrities in this segment, the audience has never seen Swift herself perform on a carpool karaoke episode.

However, Taylor Swift has been no stranger to carpool karaoke, did her first karaoke in a car segment with Greg James back in 2014. The BBC radio host and DJ drove around London while jamming to Swift’s new single of that time Blank Space.

Recently, James Corden took to twitter to post a tweet via his official account (@latelateshow) that suggest that Swift might come on an episode of carpool karaoke sometime soon. He tweeted – “some of you have never had to harmonize with a grammy winner while driving and it shows”. After a fan tweeted in return – “Change your font and don’t know how to act, huh?” James immediately replied – “i beg your pardon” in Taylor Swift’s latest album Repuptation’s font.

Fans were quick to notice the font design and are speculating that they might finally see Swift jamming along with Corden. Taylor who is filming for a remake of the Cats in London is yet to reply to these tweets and rumors.

Taylor Swift has won Grammy Awards multiple times and has also been nominated for various categories several times. She won her last Grammy in 2016 for her song Bad Blood that also featured Kendrick Lamar. The song won an award in the category of Best Music Video.

Swift’s latest album Reputation hit the charts in 2017 after she took a 3-year hiatus from music. The album was the biggest selling album of 2017 and a major hit and her fans loved the way Taylor had decided to try a different genre of music. However, there were a lot of rumors that a couple of songs from the album took a dig at certain celebrities and artist with whom Swift had differences. Swift, however, has not commented on any of these theories that have been put forward by fans.

Swift recently had her Reputation Stadium Tour made into a documentary that is currently streaming on Netflix.

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