Captain Marvel Will Be First To Skip Netflix

Captain Marvel Will Not Be Available On Netflix
Captain Marvel / Marvel Universe

The first franchise of Marvel series to not be on Netflix. Though Disney is geared up now for its streaming service Disney+ while Marvel’s era in Netflix comes to an end. Disney’s contract with Netflix officially comes to an end. Bob Iger confirms about “Captain Marvel” to be the first to skip Netflix.

Well, Disney+ is yet to release in later 2019 but now it ends commitment with the competitor service. Subscribers of Netflix will not be able to enjoy Marvel movies after “Captain Marvel” unless they sign up for Disney+.

Iger told investors, “We have both executive talent and production relations.” This decision led to a cold war between two streaming services ‘Netflix’ and upcoming ‘Disney+.’ Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage are cancelled for Netflix along with Jessica Jones to face the same.

The last of the MCU series to be on Netflix is Ant-Man and the Wasp, any Marvel content this year will no more be available on Netflix. Disney is now the owner of Lucasfilm, Marvel, Fox and yes ESPN too. Details about Disney+ service is yet unknown.

Reed Hastings Netflix’s CEO earlier let know about not being worried about this matter. Removal of Marvel TV series is the first step of the cold war.¬†Well, there are reasons too as to why now series will continue on Disney+. Starwars, Endgame and Episode IX will be blockbuster hits and fans sure will subscribe to Disney+.

Disney+ will be a hit or not is still a question. The initial $150 million loss may not matter if it takes off. So much to see what’s coming forth, all we can do is wait for its official launch. Excited fans just can’t wait for so many surprises. Though it’s kinda sad for Netflix having a competitor now. Disney+ will be launched this September 2019.

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