Black Widow Release Date Pushed Back Until June

Black Widow Release Date Pushed Back Until June
Black Widow / Marvel Universe

There is disappointing news for Marvel fans as one of the upcoming Marvel Studios has pushed back its release date. The movie is based on one of the major characters of Marvel universe named Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow. This character is played by Scarlett Johansson for the ages and we will be able to see in her upcoming solo movie. Black Widow is an integral part of the Avengers and she has contributed much to the Marvel universe.

Fans have been asking for her solo movie for a very long period of time and now Marvel has taken this thing in their mind and now they have assigned Cate Shortland to direct the movie. The movie was all set to hit the screen in the early months of 2020 but now Marvel has pushed the dates back and now it will release in June that is in mid of 2020.

From the last few months Marvel and DC, both are giving their much attention to female-driven films. Whether it is Wonder Women or Captain Marvel, and now Black Widow. This is a great and a good sign that now filmmakers are giving much for these kinds of films too.

Well, there is a lot of work left to be done on the script. The script has not been finalized yet. Marvel has not given any official dates for the releasing of the movie and they have not said anything about the starting of the making of the movie. This upcoming movie will focus on Natasha Romanoff only and her connections to the Avengers that how a normal lady went in all these. There are strong rumours all around the world that this upcoming movie will have a connection with Captain Marvel too but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie and they were little disappointed by the delaying of the movie. Fans were demanding this movie for a long period of time, so their disappointment was quite expected. Now, all we can do is hope for the early release of the movie.

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