The Trench: An Aquaman Horror Spinoff Is In The Development

The Trench: An Aquaman Horror Spinoff Is In The Development
Aquaman / DC Universe

After launching a mega hit movie “Aquaman” Warner Bros now will develop its horror spinoff “The Trench”. Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald are hired as writers for this film.

The Trench will be an amphibious creature who will attack Aquaman and Mera in the movie. The project is set to take place in Mariana’s Trench where an original inhabitant group is sent after Atlantis sunk and came across monsters. The director of this movie is yet to be announced.

The Trench creatures were first seen as an antagonist in the Aquaman 2011 storyline. DC’s comics shows the Trench as inhabitants of Atlantis before it sunk and was submerged by the Dead King, Atlan. This comes as a surprise for the DC fans after “Aquaman.”

They might show the Trench as a danger to the humans, attacking humans and not totally the underwater kingdom. Not many details are shared about this film though, not even its release date or trailer announcement. The creator of the Trench creatures is Geoff Johns.

Warner Bros’s “Aquaman” grossed $325 million in North America and $784 million globally. Currently as 22nd in the highest worldwide gross of all time. Well, there is so much to wait for after the mega-hit, Warner Bros sure will surprise us again. The Trench might be a hit too, let’s just wait for more announcements about this film.

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