Zac Efron Following Selena Gomez On Instagram Recently Sparks Dating Rumors

Zac Efron Following Selena Gomez On Instagram Recently Sparks Dating Rumors
Zac Efron / Instagram

Zac Efron, an American actor who has recently followed Selena Gomez on Instagram has given rise to a new rumour in the world of internet. People have started saying that they both are dating each other. There is no logic in saying such things and nothing has been said by any one of them.

It’s all due to one following on Instagram that fans have made an assumption that they both are in a relationship. The 17 again fame actor has followed her on Instagram due to which all these rumours have taken place in the market. Zac has been signed by Netflix in their upcoming web series named Extremely Wicked. This series is going to be released soon in the UK.

Well, nobody knows the truth behind this. It may be possible that they are dating each other or they may not be. But this act of Zac has surely put their fans in curiosity. Selena is a major target of her fans, a few days ago, she was targeted on the internet to be back in a relationship with Justin which was totally discarded by Justin as he said that he is happy with Hailey.

Some of the fans seem quite excited while others are saying that this is total bullshit as there is not any other information and one cannot be in a relationship with anyone just by following him/her on any social site. Different person has a different point of view regarding this. It may be possible that Zac may be her great admirer and he like her work and that is why he followed her. Nobody knows the truth till now and if they are really dating each other then it is great news for their fans.

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