Steven Spielberg Is Worried About the Future of Movies Due to Netflix & Hulu

Steven Spielberg Is Worried About the Future of Movies Due to Netflix & Hulu
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Director Steven Spielberg makes his thoughts against the continuation of streaming services.

While, receiving the Filmmaker Awards at Cinema Audio Society (CAS) in Los Angeles, California, Steven praised the theatrical experience saying, “there is nothing going to a big dark cinema.”

According to Variety, he said, “I hope all of us really continue to believe that the greatest contributions we can make as filmmakers to give audiences the motion picture theatrical experience,” further saying that he believes in the importance of movie theatre.

He opens up to ITTV news telling that once you give the commitment to television format you are like a TV movie.

Well, one of Netflix’s films “Ava Duverney” was nominated for 2016 Academy Awards but it did not release in the theaters.

Steven’s point of view is ‘Television is Gold and no online streaming service can beat it.’ There’s something really special on TV rather online.

Steven also directed many box office blockbusters such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Jaws. He never really named any streaming services for his movies but yeah he did appreciate his writing quality on television.

Christopher Nolan also termed Netflix as, “bizarre” and “mindless” though later he apologized to the chief officer Ted Sarandos for his remark.

Steven further stated his love for television and the movie theatres.

Well, Steven himself cannot change the rules, but he is totally against Netflix’s films without TV release going for the nominations.

Of what he says, it means streaming services movies aren’t really true movies but are TV movies.

Back in March 2018, he had made a statement, “Oscars should not be awarded to Netflix films.”

Cannes establishes a rule that in future any film being selected for awards should have a theater distribution.

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