Chris Pratt Performs at iHeartRadio With Garth Brooks

Chris Pratt Performs at iheartradio With Garth Brooks
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Chris Pratt is a successful actor as well as a good singer too. He sang his heart out at iHeartRadio Music Awards on Thursday.

Garth Brooks was performing his 1990 hit song “Friends in Low Places” when he pulled in Chris to help him sing. Chris just got deep into it and even singing out load his own made chorus.

At first, when Brooks invited Chris to sing, he was shocked but soon went deep into singing out loud.

Chris even shared a post on Instagram thanking as well as congratulating Garth Brooks for claiming the Artist of the Decade Award.

He also shared a short video of him with Brooks singing “Here I am all mist eyed” song behind the scenes. A moment that Chris will never forget.

In an interview, Chris said “I bought each and every album of his and memorized it by the next day. When I met him I so wanted to give him a portion of the joy he has given me for so many years. I told him if you ever need a leading man to play you in a movie, I can make that happen. He just looked at me saying really do you, Bradley Cooper?”

Presently, Brooks is going to release his 14th album named “Fun” this June and as for Chris he’ll play as Star-Lord in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and also will voice on Disney’s fantasy animation film “Onwards.”

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