Netflix Agrees to Pull off Train Explosion Footage From ‘Bird Box’

Netflix Agrees to Pull off Train Explosion Footage From 'Bird Box'
Bird Box / Netflix

Netflix horror thriller Bird Box has created quite a stir and not all of it good.
While there is the case of people trying to do the #BirdBoxChallenge which sometimes leads to unpleasant consequences, the film also got a lot of criticism for its train wreck scene.
The train wreck scene used is actually a real-life scene from Quebec town in Lac-Megantic where a train carrying crude oil got derailed and caught fire killing 47 people.
The footage which was bought by Netflix from Pond 5 was used in the film to set the scene.
However, it was not appreciated by the Canadians who took to social media to express their displeasure and said that it may trigger PTSD symptoms in some people.
Jolie Morin who is the mayor of Lac-Megantic was also not impressed and said that it was a lack of respect on the company’s behalf.
Netflix on Friday apologized for any hurt feelings and said that it was not their intention to cause any ill will or hurt and have agreed to replace the clip with fictional ones.
This came after a long stand by the company refusing to remove the scene that has also been featured in their series “Travellers”.
The decision was well received by the people and Nathalie Roy, Quebec’s culture and communication minister applauded the company for this and further said that it proved that anything can be accomplished by being United in one’s efforts.

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