Harry Shum Jr. and His Wife Shelby Rabara Welcomes Their First Baby ‘Xia’

Harry Shum Jr. and His Wife Shelby Rabara Welcomes Their First Baby Xia
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Harry Shum Jr., the famous American actor, with a Chinese accent, was born on April 28, 1982. He is an amazing actor, whose acting skills have collected attentions of the people around the country. He is also famous for his role in one of the T.V. series, The Shadowhunters Stars.

His wife, Shelby Rabara, is a Filipino-American actress. She is also a passionate dancer. They got happily married on 22 November 2015. It was the day of happiness for both the actor and actress. And to powder gold on that happiness, they now have a kid in their lap.

Harry Shum Jr. and his wife are really happy; their posts on Instagram and other social media platform, stats the same. They are very proud parents, and it is adorable. They already had their first kid. It is a cute baby girl. The extent of their happiness is very predictable, and they are tracing the expectations of their well-wishers – they are as happy as their well-wishers wanted to see them.

The couple shared the first post of their kid on Instagram on Thursday, and therefore, expressed their happiness behind having a baby girl as their first kid. The first post had the cute feet of the baby girl.

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🙏🏼 Baby XIA 🙏🏼

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The post was accompanied by a caption, which was also narrating the happiness of a father. The caption was simple; it mentioned the name of the baby, Xia. An emoji of folded hands in prayer, following the name, ended the caption.

Rabara, a first-time mother, re-shared the post of her husband on Instagram. Though she changed the caption, her feelings behind the caption seem to be the same as of her husband.

There were many celebs who replied on the post too, some of them posted blissful comments in the comment section of the post.

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