Kim Kardashian Refuses to ‘Babysit’ Kanye West Anymore

Kim Kardashian Refuses to 'Babysit' Kanye West Anymore
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Kim Kardashian just refuses to babysit Kanye West anymore.

Kim and Kanye West traveled to West’s hometown with their oldest daughter North West. They wanted to show her where her dad spent his childhood.

Firstly North and Kardashian visited West at his Chicago office.

The turn-up began when they needed the key to enter West’s childhood home and the person who was having the key then was a rapper and West’s longtime friend, Rhymefest.

It was an awkward situation for her because Kim and Rhymefest had earlier got into a public fight when he called out West accusing him of ignoring the organization and the youth of Chicago.

Going back to March 2018, Rhymefest claimed that West abandoned his charitable foundation, Doria’s house named for West’s mother and his childhood home.

As the couple was driving in Chicago, Kardashian told West, “He was using your mom to s—t-talk you and that’s where I draw the line,”

After which West explained to her upset wife “I had an assistant who was rude to Rhymefest. […] We were connecting and bonding, then this person who worked with me was extremely rude to him.”

When Kim questioned him about his rationale, he said: “I am not rational, I am spiritual.”

The main matter is when Kim shared this situation with her mother saying “I cannot babysit West anymore and just try to figure out who’s over him today and who he’s gonna forgive.”

“It is so frustrating for me to see that he doesn’t care and see people walk over him.”

Rhymefest reacts on Twitter about this whole thing saying that it was not about money. He said that they feel like Kanye has turned his back towards their village since they were from the same village.

Although the end to this took place when Rhymefest gave Kardashian a crystal mostly like offering peace to each other.

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