Ariana Grande Opens up About Her Sexuality

Ariana Grande Opens up About Her Sexuality
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The singer just dropped her brand new album song “Monopoly” with her bestie and songwriter Victoria Monet.

Well, there’s a lyric line from the “Monopoly” song which is taken as a double meaning by Grande’s fans.

Along with the song comes the song’s official music video filled with fun animation and a home video like visuals.

The song is famous in Twitter not only because of its music but also for its eye-catchy lyric.

The lyric is “I like women and men…yeah.”

After which fans just got reassured of Ariana being a bisexual.

One of her fans recently tweeted “Ariana isn’t going to label herself but she said what she said.”

To which Grande finally opened up and replied “I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now. Which is okay.”

The “monopoly” song centers around comparing two girls on the board game Monopoly in which the players buy and trade properties to see who’s the richest.

A close source of Ariana revealed that she is a well known LGBT ally and this is herself supporting her friends.

On the other hand back in November 2018, Victoria Monet came out about her sexuality on Twitter. She tweeted

Monopoly is the latest duet between the two women.

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