Netflix To Raise US Subscription Prices Next Month

Netflix to Raise Subscription Prices Next Month

Netflix American subscribers are going to see an increase in the price of their subscription plans starting with the next billing cycle, as announced back in January.

The streaming giant sent emails this week reminding users of the slight change in their bill starting from May 2019. Some people may have already seen their subscription go up over the past few months.

In the email, Netflix stated that the extra revenue will be spent to produce new shows and movies and to guarantee a better service.

This is the fourth price hike since the creation of the service and it will very likely impact Latin America and the Caribbean in the future.

All Netflix’ plans will cost $1 or $2 more. The Basic plan will rise from $8 to $9 per month while the HD plan will go from $11 to $13 and the Premium plan will increase from $14 to $16.

Over the past couple of years, Netflix has been investing more and more money on the creation of original content, with an $8 billion budget spent in 2018.

This has proved to be a very rewarding move for the company, with movies such as “Roma” winning the Academy Award  for Best Director in 2019 and shows like “Stranger Things”, “The Crown”, “Bloodline” and “Orange Is The New Black” collecting numerous Golden Globes and Emmy nominations and wins.

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