Woody Allen ‘Sabotaged’ His Own Films With #MeToo Movement, Claims Amazon

Woody Allen 'Sabotaged' His Own Films With #MeToo Movement, Claims Amazon
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Amazon claims Woody Allen has ‘sabotaged’ his own latest film because he failed to hold up the gravity of the #MeToo movement.

The director had sued Amazon Studios back in February for $68 million after the company abandoned to release a four-movie deal.

Amazon severed their ties with Allen stating that he has sexually harassed his own daughter Dylan Farrow back in 1992. Though Allen completely denied all these allegation charges against him and he was not charged due to this.

Amazon released a statement which read that Allen had “made a series of public comments suggesting that he failed to grasp the gravity of the issues or the implications for his own career.”

Amazon had also revealed Allen’s response to the allegation charges in January 2018. He denied the allegations of harassment, he said, “I never molested my own daughter.”

When many of the celebrities like Greta Gerwig, Rebecca Hill, and Colin Firth expressed their regret of working with him, Allen replied: “I should be the poster boy for the #MeToo movement.” He added that none of the actresses with whom he has worked in his entire career have ever complained about any impropriety till now.

The company said “Understanding the broad context, Allen’s actions and its consequences that Amazon can never possibly receive the benefit of its four picture deal (for which they already paid him $10 million dollars in advance upon signing.) As a result, Amazon justified terminating its relationship with Woody Allen.”

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