Stephanie Pratt Calls Heidi and Spencer ‘Toxic People’

Stephanie Pratt Calls Heidi and Spencer 'Toxic People'
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MTV reality show, The Hills characters Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have been together for a long time and this couple got married in 2009. They are still together and was also blessed with a son named Gunner. But the only person who is against them in all terms is none other than Pratt’s elder sister Stephanie Pratt. Stephanie used to always defend her brother Spencer which makes sense since they are a family. But nowadays, the family has been separated since the show got wrapped. Recently, she also talked about the time when her family sat together and she was very harsh and clear to her brother and his wife that she would not allow them to ruin their family in any manner. News also says that the only reason why she has moved to London is her brother and his wife. She doesn’t want to live even in that city where Spencer lives.

On an episode of Pratt cast on iHeartRadio, Stephanie explained that “ I am not going to pretend that Spencer and Heidi are good people like I was doing in most of the series for my parents.” She added to that, “They are the most toxic people I have ever met.”

According to Stephanie’s statement from last year, Heidi Montag is all responsible for deliberately destroying her relationship with her brother Spencer and causing tension in the entire family. In a conversation on the radio show, she also talked trash about Heidi and what she thinks about her.

Following her statement in the radio show, Heidi doesn’t let Spencer have any sort of relationship with anyone except her. Stephanie fought back her tears while mentioning her nephew Gunner. She was saddened by the fact that she will “miss out on the cutest, cutest, cutest little boy’s early years but it’s not worth it.”

Stephanie thinks that she has already been nice to Heidi for a long 10 years now just because she loves her brother. Seeing her attitude towards her brother and his wife it seems like maybe they have not been nice to her in some order which has directly affected their relations and career too.

MTV announced the new beginnings of The Hills and premieres are launched but the whole family is still in speaking terms these days and things are getting even worse.

The show The Hills: New Beginnings will be returning on June 24.

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