Kate McKinnon to Play Theranos Elizabeth Holmes in New Hulu Drama Series

Kate McKinnon to Play Theranos Elizabeth Holmes in New Hulu Drama Series
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Kate McKinnon will be playing as the co-founder and  CEO of Theranos in the new Hulu series named “The Dropout.”

The podcast which had chronicled the rise and fall of Holmes formerly $4 billion health tech company. The film will cover Holmes life since the time when she dropped out from Stanford University to start her new company and will continue till her present days.

No much details regarding this film have been revealed yet.

This is the first series to be produced by a new production house Sunlight TV.

Jarvis told The Verge in an interview regarding the podcast that she turned her interest towards Holmes as she became famous in the media. She also explained that the entire story worked well as a podcast.

She said, “It had a lot of layers to it, it’s not totally straightforward, there is some nuance and meat.

The series dives deep into how Holmes built Theranos, how she models her career after the late Steve Jobs and how she turned people’s minds into believing the product would actually work.

Since then the company has collapsed, Holmes and her former COO President Ramesh Balwani are facing criminal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Taylor Dunn and Victoria Thompson who produced the podcast launched in January will also be producing this series.

After Disney closing a $71.3 billion deal with Fox. It now owns the studio and 60 percent of the streaming service, Hulu.

Deadline reports that this series will be limited to 6 and 10 episodes.

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