Netflix Warns Animal Lovers to Skip Some Scenes in Its New Documentary

Netflix Warns Animal Lovers to Skip Some Scenes in Its New Documentary

The online streaming platform, Netflix, on Wednesday has warned the animal lovers as well as the sensitive viewers to skip some scenes of its latest nature documentary series, Our Planet, which is considered to be disturbing by quite a few of its viewers.

The series has been narrated by the most famous nature storyteller on television, David Attenborough who explains how the activities of human have negative consequences on animals.

The Netflix documentary, Our Planet, had a great start and is reviewed positively but on the other hand, quite a few people consider some of its scenes disturbing and stressful, including a heartbreaking scene of a seal falling from a cliff  to their deaths in search of food due to climate change and another of a baby flamingos facing difficulty to walk since salt has started to develop around their legs because of their natural water resources drying up.

Thus now, Netflix wrote on its official Twitter account and lists timestamps of various episodes consisting of all the controversial scenes. Below is the tweet by Netflix US.

This step took place when Netflix got quite a few complaints about the series and its scenes by parents and animal lovers stating it to be “distressing”.

The following is the most complained scene, which is of a Walrus family on a cliff from the second episode, Frozen Worlds, of the series.

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