Madonna Introduces Her New Album ‘Madame X’

Madonna Introduces Teaser of Her New Album 'Madame X'
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Madonna has just announced the name of her upcoming new album, “Madame X”, with a cinematic teaser video which reveals a “secret agent theme”.

The Queen of Pop posted the news on social media on Sunday.

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What song is Madame ❌ playing……………

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Madame ❌ is a spy in the house of Love ♥️

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In the teaser, Madonna describes Madame X as a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a singer, a saint, a prostitute and, most importantly, as “a spy in the house called love.”

In August 2018, Madonna gave an interview to Vogue Italia about the inspiration behind her upcoming new music. She said living in Lisbon, Portugal, for over a year as a “soccer mom” helped her get in touch with new sounds and a new way of interpreting life.

She said: “[In Portugal] There are these weekly sessions called living room sessions which pop up in people’s beautiful homes that are 500 years old, and you walk up the marble steps which are lined with candles into the living room which is also dimly lit with candles, and there’s this rolling, very intimate performance happening where people play, they sing, they recite poetry.

“It’s like a salon; something which doesn’t really exist in many places anymore – people elsewhere say, ‘Call my manager, this is how much I charge.’

“I’ve just met lots of really amazing musicians, and I’ve ended up working with a lot of these musicians on my new record, so Lisbon has influenced my music and my work. How could it not? I don’t see how I could have gone through that year without being informed by all this input of culture.”

The Isla Bonita singer has also revealed that every song in Madame X has 20 guest artists on it.

Moreover, this is going to be Madonna’s first full-length album after Rebel Heart (2015).

The release date has not been announced yet.

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