Jennifer Lawrence Starring in a New Film From A24

Jennifer Lawrence Starring in a New Film From A24
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Jennifer Lawrence back on Stage

One of the finest actresses, famed with the title of the highest paid actress, has decided to return to the big screen. Fans are waiting to witness the beauty which would eventually steal their heart from their core.

Jennifer Lawrence has collected fans all over the world. There is a rough estimation that her film has grossed over $5.7 billion all over the world. Jennifer is one among the American actresses. The years 2015 and 2016 proved to be the luckiest years in her career life.

Jennifer has decided to showcase her acting skills again in front of the world. People are waiting for their favorite actress to come soon. Their beloved actress is also pacing fast to stand up to the expectations of her fans.

There are sources that claim Jennifer Lawrence is returning to Hollywood, but with her indie roots and not with any big studio; the reasons might be known either only to Lawrence or to the one who is still not known to us.

Some theories claim the success of her first movie with indie as the reason behind her choosing the indie instead of any big Hollywood studio, in which she was nominated for Oscar.
Though her fans were expecting that she would return, this would happen this soon had never approached their mind. She is working secretly in the latest film from A24 and IAC FILMS.
The wild-card entry of a big superstar like Jennifer in Hollywood through A24 can proof to be a huge boost for the movie. Fans have started waiting impatiently to see their favorite star in a movie.

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