Roman Polanski Sues to Get Academy Membership Restored

Roman Polanski Sues to Get Academy Membership Restored

Roman Polanski, one of the finest actors, writers and directors wants to get his membership back in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as reported by The Guardian.

He ranks second in the list of world’s oldest best director.

Last year in May, this Oscar-winning director was expelled out by the academy along with Bill Cosby for breaching the organization’s Standards of Conduct. The case had been a real controversy, and the hearings stretched long even after the clues advocates aloud the name of the actual culprit behind the crime.

He was arrested for the crime of being involved in a sexual harassment scandal. He raped a thirteen-year-old girl, Samantha Geimer, and since then he had been a fugitive from US criminal code. He had admitted that all the allegations on him were true.

In the due period, he received many awards for his movies but he didn’t show up. He was nominated and won Oscar for his work in the Pianist, one of his best movies which hit the box office in the year 2003.

According to him, the judge had promised him that his punishment would not exceed from more than 90 days in a psychiatric evaluation, but as soon as Polanski got to know about the actual decision of the judge, he fled. The judge was going to sentence him fifty-year imprisonment.

After the case, a petition was filed against the Academy, asking them to reinstate him as a member of the Academy. The Academy followed the writ deliberately and showed him a way out. Eyes of people are on Academy whether it would let in Polanski as a member or not.

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