Netflix Movies Are Still Eligible to Win Oscars as Academy Didn’t Change the Rules

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There are some rules behind the eligibility of a movie for the participation in the race of the academy awards. Rule two states that a movie is eligible for running for an award for the Oscar awards as long as the movie had a seven day run in a Los Angeles theater.

Due to this rule, the movies from the streaming services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix are also eligible to be nominated and win the prestigious awards.

President of the academy, John Bailey, said in a statement, “We support the theatrical experience as integral to the art of motion pictures, and this weighed heavily in our discussions.”

Suggestions were made about the length of run time in theatre for a movie to be eligible to be nominated and win the academy awards. It was suggested that the potential nominees should have a much longer theater run time than seven says in order to get nominated for the Oscars.

But even for next year, the year 2020 when the 92nd edition of the prestigious movie award will take place, the rule of the seven days run time will remain unchanged. This gives a fighting chance to the movies produced by streaming services like Netflix, which is a good thing because many brilliant and Oscar-worthy movies came out over the years from the production of Netflix.

The first Netflix movie to ever get nominated for an Oscar was the movie Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma which was nominated in various categories including the best picture award. The movie ended up winning three awards including the award for the best director. It ran on just a hundred theatres for the short duration of a week.

While rule two remained unchanged, Oscar made some changes in some other categories. Previously in order for the category best-animated picture to be presented in a year, there was a requirement of at least eight animated movie releases throughout the year. But from next year on there will no longer be any need of eight animated releases for the category to exist.

Also the name of the award ‘foreign language film’ is changed to International Feature film. The best makeup and hair category will also be expanded from three to five.

The nomination and win of the Netflix movies have marked a new era of movies. The movie without following the conventional format of running it in the theater was made available for the public to stream soon after its release. This has many including famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg uneasy. While Spielberg does not hate Netflix original, he does not like the idea of streaming.

Ignoring everyone’s uneasiness, Netflix has big plans for their future movies. In 2018 Oscar season they aired the movies Vice and The Irishman and they also have many other intriguing projects for the future like Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy.

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