Canadian Model Stefanie Sherk Dies at 37

Canadian Model Stefanie Sherk Dies at 37
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The 37 years old actress, Stefanie Sherk, has passed away.

The actress was most famous for her work in the romantic Mexican movie Un cuento de Circo and A Love Song, the American movie Valentines Day and the CBS drama CSI: Cyber.

On the 12th of April, Stefanie’s body was found floating in the swimming pool of their family home in Sherman Oaks. Her husband Demian called the paramedics as soon as he found her after returning from grocery shopping. She was kept in a local hospital for 8 days but the doctors were not able to do anything to improve her condition and she passed away on the 20th of April leaving her family and fans heartbroken. Soon after Stefanie’s husband Demian Bichir announced the death of his wife and the beautiful actress and model through an Instagram post.

Demian wrote two passages in the memory of his loving wife, one in English and another passage in Spanish. In the passages, he called his wife “beautiful, angelic and talented” and said that “her presence will be missed”. Stefanie was Demian’s second wife. He was married to Mexican actress Lisset from 2001 to 2003 before he married Stefanie in 2011. Demian met Stephanie in the set of his Mexican movie ‘Un cuento de Circo and a love song and they fell in love and eventually got married.

At first, the cause of the actress’s death was not revealed to the public by Demian’s post but later it was found that it was her open doing. Stefanie took her own life committing suicide after fighting with depression. Her family revealed that she had been struggling with severe depression. Demian commented that he wishes that someday he could do something to help people like his wife who are tired of struggling the scary monster that is depression. But for the time being, he said that he would just like to focus on his wife and all the people she has inspired throughout her life.

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Dear friends, On behalf of the Sherk and the Bichir Nájera families, it is with inconceivable pain that I announce that on April 20, 2019, our dearest Stefanie Sherk, my beloved and loving wife, passed away peacefully. It has been the saddest and toughest time of our lives and we don’t know how much time it will take for us to overcome this pain. Stefanie’s beautiful, angelical and talented presence will be immensely missed. We will hold Stefanie in our hearts forever. We thank everybody beforehand for their prayers and we respectfully ask for your understanding so we may grieve in peace and privacy in these incredibly difficult times. It is our sincerest hope that our beautiful Stefanie, my angel and love of my life, will rest in eternal peace. Queridos amigos, A nombre de la familia Sherk y la familia Bichir Nájera, con un dolor indescriptible, les informo que nuestra hermosa Stefanie Sherk, mi amada esposa, falleció en completa paz, el pasado 20 de Abril del año en curso. Han sido los días más tristes y dolorosos de nuestras vidas y no sabemos cuánto tiempo nos llevará sobreponernos a este dolor. La hermosa, angelical y talentosa presencia de mi Stefanie será echada de menos profundamente y permanecerá en nuestros corazones para siempre. Agrademos a todos de antemano sus oraciones y de manera respetuosa pedimos su comprensión para que podamos vivir este luto en paz y privacidad en estos momentos tan difíciles para todos nosotros. Es nuestra más sincera esperanza que nuestra amada Stefanie, mi ángel y amor de mi vida, descanse eternamente en paz.

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