Rapper Bun B Shoots an Armed Intruder in His Home

Rapper Bun B Shoots an Armed Intruder in His Home
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American rapper Bernard Freeman, better known by his stage name Bun B, shot an armed intruder at his Houston home on Tuesday after the robber allegedly pulled the gun on his wife and tried to steal their luxurious Audi car, said the police.

Also, it was said that the rapper’s wife, Angela Walls, had opened the door thinking it was the delivery guy from Amazon but instead there was a masked man pointing a gun towards her standing and demanded some valuables. She then offered the robber, said to be named as DeMonte Jackson, 20, he could take a vehicle parked downstairs.

The rapper’s lawyer, Charles Adams said, “Queen Freeman’s fear was that this whole incident was someone to target her husband, so she gave him the car keys”.

At when the man went to the garage to supposedly take the parked Audi, soon Bun B took the gun with him and came downstairs and saw the suspect on the driver seat of his Audi turning toward him with his gun, he began shooting. The robber started shooting as well. The suspect, in the end, dropped out of the vehicle and went off but end up leaving his gun. The robber then appeared at a Houston hospital that day with a wounded left shoulder from the gunshot.

“There was gunfight with Bun in the doorway to the garage. And the suspect sitting in Bun’s car, trying to start it but the guy just couldn’t figure it out,” says Adams.

He also said in an interview with USA Today that the rapper was courageous to protect his wife, his wife was courageous to protect Bun.

The suspect has been charged with two charges of robbery with a deadly weapon and one count of burglary with intent to commit a felony.

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