Pink Reveals That Her Marriage Is Still Intact Because She and Carey Hart Have Been Attending Couple Counseling

Pink Reveals That Her Marriage Is Still Intact Because She and Carey Hart Have Been Attending Couple Counseling
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Pink and her husband Carey Hart accepted that their marriage is still intact due to the couple counseling. In an interview with Today, Pink revealed her secrets. She said they have been attending the couple therapy during their entire relationship – for 17 years – which was the only reason they are still together. Recently, the couple celebrated their 13th anniversary. The couple is serious about their mental health. Pink told in her recent interview with Carson Daly, aiming at youths, that the health of your relationship depends upon your mental health.

Like other couples, they had got stuck in misunderstandings, which seems to be the only reason behind their brief separation in the year 2008. Though their isolation from each other didn’t last long, they started investing in saving their relationship by attending the couple counseling. It happened a year later of their separation that they realized the importance of their marriage; hence they decided mutually to stay solid since then.

She stated that they both belong to a broken family. They had no idea of how to handle a relationship. They had nothing in common other than love, not even their language. They both knew a different language. She elaborated her experiences by saying, “It’s the only reason we’re still together. There’s no book that says, ‘Here’s how to do this.’”

According to her, no one other than you can understand those reasons concerning your partner. Therefore, the couple chose to be the support of each other by understanding their own mental state; and hence, by combating with negative thoughts through psychiatric help.

As the interview forwarded, she also shared her thoughts about anxiety among kids. She showed her concern towards those who got stuck in depression due to the effect of anxiety. They even attempt to suicide. She was never depressed; she was a bit anxious. Therefore, she advised youths to keep the right people around to stay away from anxiety as well as depression.

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