Harvey Weinstein’s Court Trial for Sexual Assault Is Postponed Until September

Harvey Weinstein's Court Trial for Sexual Assault Is Postponed Until September

Seems like Harvey Weinstein’s trouble are going to go on for a longer period of time than he expected.

According to the Associated Press, on Friday, it was announced by a New York city judge that Harvey Weinstein’s trial for the offense of sexual assault is postponed until September 9. The trial was previously supposed to begin in the month of June. The announcement was made after a closed-door hearing that focused on the potential witness whose testimony might be relevant for the case and the trial strategy.

On Friday, judge James Burke decided to hold a pre-trial hearing in secret stating that Weinstein also has a right to a fair trial and therefore the trial should be open court. But the prosecution and the defense asked it to be a closed door one as it discussed the trial strategy and potential witnesses.

Weinstein is accused of not one but two sexual offenses. He is accused of raping an unidentified female acquaintance in a hotel of Manhattan back in the year 2013 and forcing sexual activities on another woman in 2006.

Apart from these two women, there is supposedly a dozen of other accusers who are ready to testify against him and the prosecutors want the judge to allow them to testify to show Weinstein’s history of assaults.

Despite all these claims, Weinstein still claims that he is not guilty and all the accusations on him are false.

Weinstein’s case is “a matter of immense and legitimate public interest,” and the allegations against him are already widely known, said Robert Balin, a lawyer representing the news organizations.

Weinstein was very quiet when he was asked about the matter. When approached by the reporters he did not say anything and just nodded. He is right now out on bail at a cost of one million dollars.

As per reports, more than eighty women have accused him of sexual assault among which actresses Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd along with many other women have agreed to be identified publicly.

Weinstein is also a major catalyst for the recent #MeToo movement. He was one of the most powerful personalities in Hollywood until 2017 when allegations for sexual harassment came out against him.

Weinstein’s trial could last up to five weeks. If proven guilty he could be sent to prison for life.

Talking about the postponement, one of Weinstein’s lawyers commented, “This is going to give us ample opportunity to dig into the case, talk to those people who are coming forward and telling us about other matters that are very helpful to Mr. Weinstein’s case.”

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