John Singleton’s Daughter Disputes Her Mother’s Claim That He Is in a Coma

John Singleton on Life Support After Major Stroke

While Director John Singleton is on a hospital bed suffering from and fighting with his illness, a major drama is going on between his family members.

Singleton reportedly was hospitalized after suffering a major stroke last Thursday. His mother, Sheila Ward, has also filed some documents in the court applying for temporary conservatorship for Singleton’s medical and financial decisions. This conservatorship will allow Ward to control all the financial decisions of Singleton along with being able to control the ownership of his estate.

Ward claims that Singleton’s estate will suffer “substantial financial loss” if she is unable to obtain the temporary conservatorship because the signing of a settlement agreement is going on. Since Singleton is in a coma the signing must be done by her.

Singleton’s daughter, Cleopatra Singleton, however, had something totally different to say about the director’s health. She claims that her grandmother, Ward’s claims that the director is in a coma is totally wrong. Cleopatra claims that her father is “not in a coma” and “progressing every day”. She even claimed that her father’s health would be better very soon and he could be “out of the ICU in five days.”

Cleopatra claims that Ward is applying for this conservatorship only so she could isolate Singleton’s children from his estate. She believes that her grandmother should not be named conservator over Singleton’s estate and person. Ward has worked as Singleton’s personal and business manager before and therefore she might have a conflict of interest.

In the court document, Ward mentioned that Singleton is currently “unable to provide for his personal needs”. But Cleopatra claimed that John is able to breathe on his own and “ is only medically sedated to keep his blood pressure low and allow the vessels in his brain to heal” He is even reported to have smiled on many occasions.

Singleton was married to Ghanaian actress Akosua Gyamama Busia with whom he had his daughter Cleopatra. He is most famous for his directional debut movie Boys n The Hood for which he became the first African American and the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Director.

News of Singleton’s illness has influenced many of his fans. Many celebrities are also praying for the quick recovery of the director.

Singleton initially checked into the hospital after his trip to Costa Rica as he was experiencing weakness in his legs, as per TMZ.    

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