Kylie Jenner Wishes Travis Scott ‘Happy Birthday’ on a Big Billboard

Kylie Jenner Wishes Travis Scott 'Happy Birthday' on a Big Billboard

Kylie Jenner went to the next level on the 28th birthday of Travis Scott. One needs to push-off limits to show love to the partner, and Kylie did the same.

Kylie got an actual billboard for Travis, with a birthday wish imprinted on it. The black and white billboard was present in West Hollywood.  It is an astounding gift. It soon became the source of attraction and collected gazes of the people travelling through the route.

The gift doesn’t end merely on the billboard. To leave a romantic touch, Kylie left a note on the board, stating the birthday wishes with a signature of her daughter, Stormi.
The message reads, “Happy birthday Daddy.” Following the wish is a large image of Ms Stormi, besides which is the image of her mother, Kylie Jenner, with her daughter in her arms.

Well, this was just one part of Kylie’s surprise to her boyfriend, Travis Scott. Reportedly, the couple had even hosted their own screening of Avengers: Endgame on Thursday where Kylie had decorated the whole theatre with balloons that read ‘Husband’ and a special cake too.

Before starting the screening at the Thousand Oaks Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, Kylie and Travis posed for some pictures with their special Marvel costumes for the special day.

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Kylie and Travis had been a happy couple since long. They might not be married yet, but the clues they leave on social media accounts advocates the fast pace of their marriage date arriving soon to flaunt their fans.

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