Donald Trump Calls Jussie Smollett ‘Third Rate Actor’

Donald Trump Calls Jussie Smollett 'Third Rate Actor'
Kamil Krzaczynski/Reuters

Donald Trump has never shied away from expressing his opinion about anything. This time he has taken a shot at the ‘Empire‘ actor Jussie Smollett.

On Sunday, the 28th of April, President Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin and he called Smollett’s case a “disgrace to our nation”  and a “third rate actor” as he spoke about his mission to make America great again. He also talked about the Chicago prosecutors who dropped criminal charges against Jussie and essentially called Jussie a loser.

In January, Jussie Smollett had told Chicago police that two men attacked him near his apartment building located at Streeterville. The two men beat him up and also tied a noose around his neck while yelling racial and homophobic comments. The attackers screamed “This is MAGA Country” during the attack. After that, they left him on the Chicago street with bleach on his shirt and a noose around his neck.

The actor mentioned that the attack happened around 2 in the morning. He went out to buy some food from a sandwich shop and as he was walking back to his apartment in the 300th block of East North Water street the two men conducted the attack.

While the situation has made the headlines, the police, as well as the grand jury, thinks that there is no truth in Smollett’s statement. They think that the attack mentioned by the actor is fake.

The Chicago police released a statement saying that they have reviewed hundreds of hours of footage of the surveillance cameras installed around the area where Smollett was allegedly attacked. While they have found the footage of Smollett walking downtown, none of the reviewed footage bears the witness of any attacks happening on Smollett.

The Chicago police still have two suspects whom they would like to question. The two men were walking down the road where Jussie Smollett was attacked and the timing seems to match. But the found footage was very dark and so it is very hard to identify those two people.

Recently, the Chicago police have released a statement about their intention to sue Jussie Smollett for not paying the reimbursement for the investigation since he staged his own attack.

Smollett is an openly gay actor, so the attack on him for racial and homophobic reasons draw the attention on social media of many celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush

The US president, however, is not as supportive of Jussie Smollett as the other celebrities. Trump went on to call the Empire actor a “third rate actor” and said that he had never heard the term “MAGA” until Jussie said that he was beaten up.

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