Alex Trebek Is Struggling With Sadness Amid Pancreatic Cancer Battle

Alex Trebek Is Struggling With Sadness Amid Pancreatic Cancer Battle
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Alex Trebek who is famous for hosting the long-running tv quiz show Jeopardy! has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer since the month of March. A few days back Trebek, bringing a ray of hope to his fans, said that he was feeling much better now and that he was very much excited for the next season of his game show Jeopardy!

On last Wednesday, Trebek shared about his condition with his fans but this time he wasn’t as positive as before. He mentioned this time that he is struggling with sadness in between his battle with cancer.

Trebek told Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America.” “I’ve had kidney stones, ruptured disks, so I’m used to dealing with pain, but what I’m not used to dealing with is these surges that come on suddenly of deep, deep sadness, and it brings tears to my eyes.”

In this difficult situation, Trebek mentioned he is receiving a lot of positivity and strength from the prayers and well wishes of his fans. Despite his depression, Trebek is still excited for the 35th season of his show Jeopardy! that is going to be aired in the fall of this year. Trebek puts his fans in a very high position in his life which showed when he said that it is important for him to be open and real about his true condition in order to fight the depression that haunts him as he is being diagnosed. He also said that his treatment is going really well and hopefully he would be healthy in no time.

Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy! for a long time now. He has been its host ever since the first episode aired in 1984. Even after his illness was announced Trebek did not stop and continued shooting for the show. He also hopes to host its next two seasons. He once joked that he has to finish two more seasons of Jeopardy! as his contract does not expire for two more years.

Trebek is nominated for the 46th daytime Emmy awards in the best game show host category. His nomination is deservedly so as he has hosted more than 7000 episodes of the show. Apart from Jeopardy! he also appeared in movies and tv shows like White Men Can’t Jump, High Rollers, To tell the truth, The bucket list and many more.

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