Jared Leto Appeared With His Own Severed Head at Met Gala 2019

Jared Leto Appeared With His Own Severed Head at Met Gala 2019

We can say that Jared Leto has actually got inspired by Gucci. Earlier, Gucci made the models walk with their severed heads through the runway and now at Met Gala 2019, Jared Leto does the same jaw-dropping thing carrying his severed head at the fashion walk.

Jared wore Gucci’s red high neck gown made of silk having shoulder pads and a body chain made of jewels along with his own human head.

As per the reports, carrying of the human head while walking on the runway was started by Gucci back in 2018 at the Milan Fashion Week. Some of the models also carried baby dragons along with them.

Back in February, Michelle said in an interview with Vogue that “It’s a very important moment as we are going to collaborate on creating this fantastic exhibition whose DNA is related to my work, working on the expression of human nature. The camp is a beautiful word.”

Lady Gaga who served as one of the co-chairperson of the event surprised everyone by wearing all the four dresses at once. Harry Styles wore a Gucci’s customized shirt. Another co-chairperson Serena Williams had worn a Versace dress along with Nike sneakers. Katy Perry dressed as Chandelier.

Jared Leto’s head came as a surprise to everyone, Elizabeth Banks tweeted “I cannot just stop thinking about Leto’s head.”

Currently, Jared is busy working on the comic book based vampire movie “Morbius” releasing on 2020.

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