Netflix to Release ‘Little Black Mirror’ Series on Its Latin American YouTube Channel

Netflix to Release 'Little Black Mirror' Series on Its Latin American Youtube Channel

Highly rated British television Series Black mirror is going to release the next season on its Latin American YouTube channel

Black mirror is an anthology series that revolves around a group of people’s personal lives. How technology behavior manipulates their present; Charlie Brooker created this series; it is a physiological thriller.

The first two series of the black mirror were premiered on the British television channel”channel 4″, in December 2011 and February 2013, after it’s an addition to the catalog in 2014, Netflix purchased the program in September 2015, it released the remaining two series with six episodes each.

And now recently Netflix approached the YouTubers (Maia Mitchell, Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita, Lele pins, Anwar Jibawi, Hannah stocking, Jeff Wittek, Belaney Glazer and Acesso).

It was done to create their takes on the black mirror, so they are going to release little episodes of black mirror 5th series. Episode 1 is going to be out on their YouTube channel on 26th of May. Similarly, episode 2 on 2ns June and episode 2 on 6th June.

Black mirror, inspired by older anthology series “The twilight zone.” The black mirror has gathered positive reception from critics, and it’s IMDb is 8.9/10. This series has received many awards and has been nominated for several awards. Black mirror has won six Emmy awards.

The 5th series of the black mirror will ultimately get released on 5th June 2019.

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