Ariana Grande Cancels Her Tour Due to Allergy


American singer, songwriter, and actress Ariana Grande cancels her tour due to allergy.

As it is known that Ariana Grande is on her musical tour but recently she canceled her concert in Florida, as she got allergic when she ate tomatoes.

Italians love tomatoes and Ariana Grande is an Italian-American, but she is allergic to tomatoes. she recently posted about her health and postpone of her trips.

Ariana Grande states that she is ‘Hypoglycemic’ (low blood sugar), and she has Posttraumatic stress disorder (mental disorder, develops after a person is exposed to a traumatic event-PTSD), and she has also got treatment for her mental health.

And now she got allergic when she ate tomatoes, that caused her throat to close, she clearly mentions that “it feels like I am swallowing cactus, but I am recovering slowly”.

The tour dates are postponed to 24th and 25th of November which was supposed to be on 28th of May at Tampa’s Amalie and on 29th of May at Orlando’s Amway.

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