Kylie Jenner Faces Criticism by Fans the Way She Washes Her Face

Kylie Jenner Faces Criticism by Fans the Way She Washes Her Face

Kylie Jenner who recently launched her new skin foaming face wash gets criticized.

Kylie Jenner who is an American media personality, model, businesswomen and founder and owner of cosmetic company Kylie cosmetics, she is the youngest self-made Billionaire, she recently gets a hell lot of criticism for her newly launched product.

In a recent post on her page on Instagram and Twitter, where she used her newly launched foaming face wash to clean her face, comments flooded by people for the way she used it.

Most of the people said, “she didn’t even clean her face for one minute, she just applied it and then washed within 20 seconds, even her foundation wasn’t cleared off properly”.

And the same thing happened on Twitter,┬ápeople tweeted that she didn’t even use her own product properly, and there was a lot of criticism on a single video.

Does this mean that she is hesitant to use her own beauty products? Is what most people are thinking right now.

But there is a lot of demand for this product and stocks are getting limited, and many people are waiting for the stocks to return. But soon after the posts on Instagram and Twitter, people are criticizing her.

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