Madonna Also Accused Harvey Weinstein of Crossing Boundaries With Her

Madonna Also Accused Harvey Weinstein of Crossing Boundaries With Her

Pop star Madonna accused producer Harvey Weinstein of crossing boundaries with her, adding herself to the list of the alleged victims.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Madonna opened up about the inappropriate way of behavior of the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein that she experienced when they were working together on a project.

According to her allegations, Harvey Weinstein crossed the professional boundaries when she was working for the documentary feature film Truth or Dare in 1991. The film was distributed by Harvey Weinstein’s company.

While elaborating Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior with the women around, Madonna stated that he did the same to a lot of other women in the industry. The long string of accusations against Harvey Weinstein of sexual assaults in the past year backs up this statement of Madonna.

Madonna, while talking about her relationship with Harvey Weinstein, said that he used to be incredibly flirtatious and forward with her when they were working together in 1991, in spite of being married.

Weinstein used to get to do that because he had got so much power, Madonna said while justifying her side in the relationship with Harvey. She continued describing her thoughts as a success aspirant pop star:

“He is so successful and his movies do so well and everybody wants to work with him, so you have to put up with it.”

The past year saw many women in the business reportedly accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assaults and Madonna brought this shocking revelation about her and Harvey Weinstein becoming the latest celebrity to accuse Weinstein.

However, Harvey had previously dismissed all those allegations in a statement while talking with BBC.

He also responded to the allegation of pop star Madonna. He slammed Madonna for having herself entered in the trend. He accused her of entering the bandwagon of victims just to sustain her popularity in the industry by saying that

“if entering the bandwagon is going to help her sell her records, Turn up the Radio.”

He also added that it was surprising that Madonna put forth the allegations and “conformed to what’s in vogue.”

Harvey Weinstein denied all the accusations by stating that he always had a consensual relationship.

The film magnate has got himself fired from the position of chairman in the company in 2017 after all the fuss of allegations started against him and his company filed for bankruptcy immediately in the following year.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly still charged with some serious criminal felonies of sexual abuse, rape, and civil cases. The prosecutors allegedly confirmed that he might have to pay a bulk amount of $44 million in order to compensate the victims and resolve the lawsuits.

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